What is Nudivirus Technology?

A sterilizing virus is released through infected sterile corn earworm moths.  These moths mate and sexually transmit the nudivirus to native male and female moths.  The virus immediately amplifies within the infected moth. The virus is also transmitted to the eggs of infected female moths, and the resulting offspring  develop into sterile adults. 

Our Patented Nudivirus Technology

What is the nudivirus?

The nudivirus we offer is a non-GMO HzNV-2 variant called KS-45.  It has been enhanced to sterilize all infected insects.

Is the nudivirus safe?

Nudiviruses are naturally occurring insect viruses that are unstable outside their insect host.  They do not infect humans.

How will the nudivirus affect the ecosystem?

The HzNV-2 virus can only infect noctuid insects.  It has naturally adapted to cause disease specifically in the corn earworm. It does not infect butterflies, birds, or honeybees.

Is the KS-45 variant a GMO?

The KS-45 nudivirus is NOT a genetically modified organism.  It was not created using recombinant DNA techniques.

How is this technology different from current methods of control?

Current technologies include genetically enhanced crops or the application of oil or pesticides to crops.  Our patented nudivirus technology does not target the crop, but targets the pest instead.


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